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COVID 19 Information Page

We understand there is a lot of information out there, and that you are likely bombarded and having to make decisions daily for you and your family. We're here to lighten that load!

Here is our commitment to you:

  • Our staff wear masks when working with guests and when in proximity with each other in all areas of the salon
  • Our guests wear masks while in common salon areas (we do have private rooms available for pre-booking for those wishing to avoid masks)
  • We maintain strict infection control protocol + policies around all food / beverage processes
  • We disinfect chairs, tools, brushes and combs between every use
  • Our products are disinfected before returning them to the shelves
  • Our salons are dusted, mopped, professionally cleaned and disinfected regularly to minimize chance of cross contamination wherever possible
  • Our salons are running at lower capacity to minimize crossover of guests at sinks / in chairs
  • Our staff and guests are asked to stay home with ANY signs of illness, exposure to known carriers, or after any potential contact points

Our expectation of you:

  • You will call to move your appointment with ANY sign of illness, exposure to a known carrier, travel outside of the country or any other reason you may have come into contact with COVID 19
  • You will wear a mask while in our salon, or pre-book our private room
  • You will give as much notice as possible for any appointment changes