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Ceramic Hair Roller 8pc Variety Pack



What do they do? These ceramic thermal rollers pump serious long-lasting volume into your waves and curls by adding lift at the roots. Use as the finishing touch on almost dried hair. (For the best results on curly hair textures, blow-out hair smooth and apply rollers while hair is still warm.)

How to use them?  Insert the rollers one as a time, focusing on areas where you wish to have the most volume. With curlers in place do one last shot of heat with a blow dryer to warm the rollers and allow to cool. Once hair is completely cool and dry, gently remove the rollers and style as you wish.

What's included? Two 2.25", four 2", and two 1.5" rollers.

Headroom Hot Tip: Pair with a satin pillowcase and remove the frizz out of your life! A must-have for curly haired beauties, the satin will reduce friction.